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The original method of rock making is still practiced today but with the aid of one or two labour saving devices. Sugar and glucose are mixed and boiled in copper pans to a temperature of around 300°F. The syrup mixture is then poured out onto a cooling slab and colours and flavours are added. Then, as the mixture begins to set into a lump of soft gooey candy, it is put into a machine which pulls and aerates it, making tiny bubbles.

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Mixing the ingredients

The ingredients are mixed together and boiled in a copper pan. When the desired temperature is reached the hot liquid is poured onto cooling slabs.


Adding the colour

The colouring is added at this stage.


Cutting the colours

Once all the colours are mixed they are cut out and kept separate.


Adding the flavour

The remainder of the batch is coloured white and put on a “pulling machine” where the flavour is added.


Adding the branding

The pliable mass is now transferred o a warm slab where we make the letters, or logo, by layering strips of coloured and white candy.


Example of ‘E’ lettering

Here we have the letter E


Example of ‘T’ lettering

Here we have the letter T


Example of ‘Y’ lettering

Here we have the letter Y


Laying out the letters

Once all the letters are made we put them together with a strip in between each one. The batch will say “EDIBLE PUBLICITY”


Rolling up the layers

A roll is made to form the centre of the sweet and the lettering wrapped around it.