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Strawberry Flavoured Rock Candy

Our English rock candy is a traditionally hand-crafted hard sugar confection with a message written through the centre. At the Promotional Candy Company our team of expert confectioners have a combined experience of 75 years making this delicious sweet treat.

Strawberry Rock Candy

The sweet flavour of strawberries brings back memories of long summer days, and appeals to all sorts of palates. We have a sugar-free strawberry candy available for those who can’t eat sugar or who want to watch their calories. This flavour rock is a popular choice for all types of events – from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries. You can choose personalised strawberry hard candy with the message ‘I love you’ written on each bar as a gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth. Red strawberry candy is also a great flavour to use to promote your business or event with your company logo written through the centre of each stick or sweet. Our promotional rock sticks and sweets are used in all sorts of locations – from football clubs to the reception rooms of large corporations.

We use the traditional process where strawberry flavouring is added to the white parts of the candy and then hand-rolled into the message and design of your choice. You can have one flavour per order but this can be one or a combination of two or even three flavours. For instance, you could mix strawberry and lime for your own ‘daiquiri’ flavoured rock candy. Your flavour need not match the colour – you could have blue-coloured rock that tastes of strawberry if that fits your colour scheme or logo, and you can include up to six different colours in your design. There are minimum orders for each type of product so that you receive the best possible value for money. Whatever flavour and design you choose, we will only use the finest ingredients in our tried-and-tested recipe that has been developed over three generations.

If strawberry isn’t for you, we have another many other delicious flavours for you to choose from, including traditional peppermint, buttermint and spearmint, and more unusual varieties such as vanilla ice cream with cherry sauce and chocolate mint.

You can select a message with up to 20, or in some cases even 30, characters for your message. We can often match your company logo or any other symbol you want to use if you email us the design.

Sweet choices

The traditional stick of strawberry hard candy rock comes in either 12cm x 2cm or 15cm x 3cm, and there is a minimum size of order for each product type (which is, for instance, 150 bars for the larger sized bars) to make sure you get the best value for money. Strawberry wrapped hard candy is also available as mini sweets or traditional sweets, each with a message written through the centre. We can present the sweets or strawberry candy sticks in packets, or they can be sent in one package for you to use individually as table decorations or favours for a wedding. You can also choose to receive your candy presented in attractive jars or tins of sweets for that special occasion – to thank your staff or volunteers for their hard work or as a special gift for a teacher or loved one.
For strawberry rock candy, get in touch with the friendly team at the Promotional Candy Company today!

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