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Capture memories of holidays by the sea with our peppermint rock candy. Our confectioners will be thrilled to create these tasty, minty treats for you, either as personalised gifts or to promote your business.

Peppermint Rock Candy

Peppermint flavour rock is an old favourite that remains popular with the young and old alike. Our peppermint candy has a refreshing, cool flavour that is neither too strong nor too sweet and it is ideal for after dinner. If you are feeling adventurous you could choose a mixture of peppermint and another ingredient for modern versions of this confectionery classic. For instance, try aniseed and peppermint, for a refreshing summer sweet, or opt for a delicious choc ‘n’ mint ice cream combination.

Your peppermint rock candy can come in packets, jars or tins of sweets or mini-sweets, in traditional sticks, or as individually-wrapped sweets. With its versatile flavour, our peppermint sweets are equally suitable for Christmas decorations or wedding favours. Whatever the occasion, you can choose colours, designs and lettering to suit, and there is a minimum order for each type of sweet which will help ensure you get the best value for your money. Peppermint candy wedding favours can have a message such as ‘Mr & Mrs’ or ‘Just married’ through the centre of each bar or sweet. Other popular messages for peppermint candy include ‘Happy Christmas’ and ‘thank you’ or you could choose ‘I love you rock sweets’. You can also opt for a personalised message or use your logo. We create gourmet, promotional candy for businesses and peppermint rock is a good choice because it will appeal to many different palates.

You can order all our rock in any flavour and with a personalised message running through each stick or sweet. Let your imagination run riot with our peppermint rock candy!

Order your peppermint rock candy from the Promotional Candy Company today!

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