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Its tough to beat the zingy taste that a lime rock candy can give you, so its no surprise that the deliciously fruity lime flavour is almost always hit with friends, families and loved ones when it comes to a rock candy treat. Here at Promotional Candy company, we have used our years of industry experience to create the perfect sweetly sour lime taste from natural ingredients, working hard to produce the perfect blend of tangy tones that a lime flavoured candy needs to excite your taste buds.

The lime rock candy can be produced in many different ways depending on your choice. If you’re looking for a unique and personalized gift, you can opt for a rock candy bar that has the signature lime taste or if you’re planning a celebration like a wedding or anniversary, we offer personalized rock candy sweets that not only make great favors for guests, but also can be the finishing touch to any decorated venue.

Additionally, we understand that customization is very important when it comes to rock candy sweets for celebrations, which is why we can create rock candy sweets with colours of your choice no matter what the flavour. This ensures you get that fruity lime flavour you love, whilst still having colours that coordinate your theme.

How do we create the lime taste?

The creation of the delicious lime hard candy is a step by step process which includes the melting, mixing and cutting of sugar syrup to produce the well known and loved rock candy. The tasty lime flavour is mixed in during the ‘pulling process’ where the now malleable mixture is stretched through a machine – this ensures the zesty lime flavour is distributed throughout and reaches the perfect intensity of flavour.

If you’re looking for more unique and ambitious flavours, why not try a combination? We offer of 30 flavours that you can pair together to create your very own blend. Often people are inspired by their favourite dishes or drinks, with a popular combination being lemon and lime or strawberry and lime. Why not make your candy a tropical sensation and add a few other flavours like raspberry, coconut and orange and give you and your love ones a tutti fruity treat?

How to Buy?

The lime sweets have a minimum purchase order of 5000, however this can be changed if you opt to purchase rock candy bars and thus reduce the amount of candy being purchased. We also offer traditional rock sticks. All of these products can be personalized with the lime flavour and your desired colours, in addition to this we can also add your unique lettering or company logo if you’d like to use the sweets within promotional meetings or corporate events.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you want to get your hands on some mouth-watering lime flavoured rock candy. We have a responsive team who are able to answer any queries regarding flavours or customization on sales@promotionalcandy.com or you can call us on: 01253 698 298.

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