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Rock Candy Experiment

Ah – the satisfying sweetness of rock candy brings back memories from childhood holidays. Whether you are looking to experiment with making hard rock candy at home, or looking for high-quality rock candy gifts, read on to find out about this unique confectionery magic.

Rock candy experiment 

With a little bit of know-how you can create your own rock candy. This will involve a mixture of sugar and water, which you then heat to dissolve the sugar particles. To create hard candy, heat the mixture on a stove until the temperature reaches 160°C or 300 °F (following a recipe for the precise combinations and instructions). For a child-friendly experiment in candy making, create beautiful candy crystals on a suspended piece of string or a stick in a jar once you have simply dissolved the sugar on a hob or in the microwave. In both cases, you can add flavouring and colour after the sugar has dissolved.

For the hard candy, you can cool the mixture in a greased pan and then break it into chunks, or use a prepared mould that give your candies a certain shape, such as lolly holders or pastry cutters. The second option takes a little patience because you need a week for the crystals to form. Either way, you will have fun experimenting with the forms, flavours and colours that rock candy can take.

If it’s professionally-made rock candy you are looking for, the Promotional Candy Company can help. Our confectioners have 75 years’ experience between them in perfecting the art of rock candy. With this expertise, we are able to give you deals on bulk orders and a fantastic range of customised rock-candy options.

Personalised Rock Candy

After heating the delicious sugar mix, we have a machine that pulls the candy into fluffy loveliness. The mix is then split into the different colours that you have chosen, and the flavour is added to the white candy that is the background to your design.

There is a tasty range of rock candy options, which you can customise with your preferred colours, flavours, packaging, and design. Whether you are looking for promotional candy with your logo and colours, or wedding favour candy with a romantic theme and message, ordering in bulk gives you excellent value for money. We have thirty delicious flavours for you to choose from including traditional mint, watermelon, chocolate ice cream and vanilla cola, and each rock can include up to six colours. You can choose:

Wedding favour rock candy with the bride’s and groom’s names written through the centre

Jars of customised rock candy with your business name and personalised labels

A mixture of rock bars and individual sweets

Jars of 100 individual party or wedding favours, in a range of unique and funky designs

Sugar-free rock candy bars in all the delicious flavours

Made from the finest ingredients, our rock lasts for up to six months when stored in cool and dry conditions. For custom designs that draw on our expertise, you need to order a minimum of 4,000 individually wrapped sweets, or 150 large rock bars. We also offer jars of rock candies, as well tins and cellophane packets, which can all be personalised according to your needs. For samples and to discuss designs, get in touch with us today.

Not all cheap rock candy is the same. When it comes to rock candy, we think ours is the finest there is.

For your personalised rock candy, get in touch with our friendly team today.

View Our Process


Mixing the ingredients

The ingredients are mixed together and boiled in a copper pan. When the desired temperature is reached the hot liquid is poured onto cooling slabs.


Adding the colour

The colouring is added at this stage.


Cutting the colours

Once all the colours are mixed they are cut out and kept separate.


Adding the flavour

The remainder of the batch is coloured white and put on a “pulling machine” where the flavour is added.


Adding the branding

The pliable mass is now transferred o a warm slab where we make the letters, or logo, by layering strips of coloured and white candy.


Example of ‘E’ lettering

Here we have the letter E


Example of ‘T’ lettering

Here we have the letter T


Example of ‘Y’ lettering

Here we have the letter Y


Laying out the letters

Once all the letters are made we put them together with a strip in between each one. The batch will say “EDIBLE PUBLICITY”


Rolling up the layers

A roll is made to form the centre of the sweet and the lettering wrapped around it.