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Personalised Rock Candy Bars for Weddings

What would a wedding be without a little whimsy? Why stick to the usual bag of (possibly stale) Jordan almonds when there might be something better out there? Wedding favours have always been an important part of the nuptial celebrations. As the happy bridal pair embarks on a new journey in life, it is their duty to thank loved ones for sharing in the matrimonial festivities. Personalised rock bars for weddings are a particularly adorable choice.

More often than not, wedding favour candies are dull and flavourless. Many companies care more about making them look glitzy, than ensuring that they actually taste good. Many companies also opt for “kitsch” rather than quality. At the Promotional Candy Company, we make sure that our wedding rock bars are both delicious and look great. Of course, we like to see the fun in such a momentous occasion, which is why our rock bars bring a much-needed splash of colour and originality to the festivities.

Our rock candy bars come in two standard sizes. The smaller option is a 12cm x 2cm bar, while the larger bars measure 15cm x 3cm. We will do our best to accommodate customers should they wish to order custom sizes. Should you require a specific size, please feel free to contact us with your specifications. Small rock bars start at £205.00 for 200, and large at £230.00 for 150 – Giving you plenty of room to give the bars away to friends and family as favours. You can also have part of your order split into individual sweets – Just let us know when you get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

As far as colours go, we offer clients the choice of up to six colours per bar. This means that the rock candy can be designed to co-ordinate with the official wedding theme. Customers can select up to 20 letters running through each bar; this is leaves ample space for the happy couple’s name. Additional labels can be inserted into the individual wrapping of each rock bar. It may be a good idea to insert a memorable picture here, or perhaps even the date and location of the wedding.

Over 30 flavour choices await our customers during the sampling stage. We do our best to ensure that the bridal pair orders a flavour that suits their palate. A full list of the flavours can be viewed on the company website. It might be fun to choose flavours that correlate with the colours of the bar. On the other hand, it might be fun to do entirely the opposite. After all, it could be fun to bite into a green candy bar expecting a rush of minty freshness, and instead taste the sultry sweetness of a strawberry.

We offer a wide variety of packaging options to add a little pizzazz to your wedding favours. From tins to jars, and everything in between, we do our best to ensure that extra bit of class. Heat sealed cellophane packets are the simplest choice, and these packets guarantee that the candy stays fresh for quite some time. All of the packaging items are always in stock, so our customers are guaranteed a fast turnaround time on their orders. Just let us know what you want and we will do our best to satisfy your requirements!