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Promotional Rock Sweet Guide


Pouring the hot rock




Business can be sweet when you put your company’s name and logo on rock sweets with flavours your potential customers or clients will love. Purchase some promotional rock sweets from us and you can have your name on tip of everybody’s tongue.

Company giveaways typically run the realm of pens or pencils, coasters, rulers, or the ubiquitous key charm with the business name and number stamped on them. These can be quickly discarded or put in a drawer and forgotten. No lasting impression is made because it is so typical. Our candies are guaranteed not to last, but the impression will, and at a minimal cost.


Making the letters




Our corporate gift sweets have been used successfully by businesses, charitable groups, and labour and civic organisations. They are individually wrapped with a twist and are packaged in bags of 500 pieces. Properly stored, they will stay fresh for up to six months, so the sweets always can be on hand to bring a smile to the lips of those attending trade shows, business meetings, funding campaigns, and the like.

We carry an amazing array of nearly 50 fabulous flavours, including spearmint, peppermint, butterscotch, tutti fruity, apple, pear, strawberry and cream, chocolate mint, cherry, kiwi fruit, watermelon, rhubarb and custard, coconut, aniseed, and many more. There also is a sugar free option available so no one need go without.




All the letters made, ready to be joined together

Make your message stand out from the crowd with a minimum order of 4,000 of our delicious rock sweet messengers. Potential clients or donors will enjoy the creativity of thought given to the gift even as they unwrap it to enjoy the juicy taste. They will likely reach for a handful then, so be certain to provide enough for everybody.

We can provide for up to 20 letters per candy, though 30 is available depending on the size. You can email us your company logo or some other symbol and we will do our best to match colours and design.

Some logos are, admittedly, too complex to re-create in candy, but we can typically come up with an alternative idea. We will make you a mock-up of your design and supply you with samples so you can select the flavour you think your customers would enjoy most. We also can put a rush on your order should you need them pronto.

Mixing and matching flavours and colours is all left up to you. Surprise your customers who stick a lime green candy in their mouth expecting a tangy lime flavour but who instead are greeted with the sweetness of strawberry and cream or caramel. We can create as many as six colours on a candy, with the option of a coloured background and white lettering or multi-coloured letters on a white background.

You also may want to package the promotional rock sweets as a gift for a special client or volunteer. We have a selection of suitable, high quality glass jars in stock just for that purpose.

Our candy contains only the finest ingredients and are a result of the experience of three generations. These sweets will be carrying your company’s message, so of course they must be the best we can make them.

It will say International, honestly