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Personalised Wedding Rock Candy Favours

When it comes to personalised wedding rock favours, one does not have to visit the seaside for these tasty treats because we sell personalised rock right here, online! In fact, there are many online rock candy makers that specialise in this trending treat for guests attending a wedding reception. The websites that offer this personalised confectionery also allow customers to design their candy. Also, the rock candy company creates various graphic designs for both the wrapper and the candy inside.


Rock Candy Favours

There are many brides and grooms that have their favourite wedding photograph featured on the rock candy label. While it is very cool to have a rock candy website create a label especially for a certain bride and groom, wedding guests often comment about how it is even cooler to take a stick of rock home. The guests view it as a clever reminder of the wedding they just attended.

Wedding Rock On Offer

While personalised rock favours can feature labels with a photo of the bride or groom, the best is yet to come when also personalising the candy’s centre. For example you could order bars or sweets that feature the names of the bride and groom with a heart or other logo at the centre of the rock candy. There are also various sizes of letters and favours.

Moreover, there are many online testimonials about how fun and clever it is to design one’s own sticks of rock candy as wedding reception party favours. You’ll find your guests remember what might seem like a small detail all because of the unique creativity and thought that went into it.

In general, rock sticks and sweets are an original way to add to any wedding reception, with brides and grooms ordering plenty of rock with an image of the bride and groom on the candy’s label, and custom messages printed inside the bars and sweets.

Personalise Your Rock Sweets

While everyone enjoys a stick of rock candy as an interesting party favour during a wedding reception, there are also personalised wedding rock sweets available. The sweets are bite sized, and can feature the first names of the bride and groom with a heart or another logo in the candy’s centre. You’ll find that we offer a vast selection of flavours to suit all kinds of tastes. The top rock sticks and sweets include every imaginable flavour; while being wrapped in an attractive and unique manner so as to say “this is a special treat just for you.” Overall, rock sweets and sticks are one of the most unique ways you can celebrate your wedding and will add something really special and unique to your celebrations.