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Tins of Personalised Rock Sweets

Tins of rock sweets are an excellent and unique way to impress potential clients, maintain relationships, or as giveaways at conventions and expos. Our products are made using the finest ingredients paired with the expertise of three generations of confectioners. The result is a product of the highest quality and taste. The Promotional Candy Company believes that because it will be your name represented on the candy it is important to produce only the best quality product possible. Not only will this keep the customer completely satisfied; but it will also impress them with the quality.

There is a four thousand piece minimum for any order. The candies are packed in bags of five hundred and are individually twist wrapped. The candies themselves can contain up to twenty letters. There are six colour choices available; and over thirty different flavours to choose from. For health conscious clients, there is also a sugar free option available. These rock candies look great when placed in a tin that can display them and show off their vivid colours and wonderful designs. Not only will this attract attention to the product; but it will also make the consumer ask questions about the business or function being promoted on the candy.


The travel tins can be filled with either traditional (full-size) sweets or mini sweets. If you opt for mini sweets you will receive a large amount of sweets per tin. You can customise the tins with personalised labels – this label could be to send a thank you message, or as an invitation for an event, as a thank you for attending an event or more. Just contact us with your logo and message and we’ll be glad to provide a quote for your order.

The rock sweets boast a shelf life of six months when stored in the correct conditions, meaning there’s plenty of time to enjoy them, or to use them down the line at trade shows or other special events. If you are in a bind and need your product order to have a quick turnaround time; we are more than capable and willing to accommodate your request. Just send us will have you send your requested logo, design, or words to them as well as what flavours and colours you would like through our online contact form and we will send you a sketch of what your product will look like and what the candies inside the tins will look like. If you would like to try the flavours before you commit we can also send you a set of flavour samples so that you can try different options before deciding upon what you think is best.

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