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Custom Mini Rock Sweet Products

Promotional candies are a great way to advertise your business, secure relationships with current or future clients, or to announce a significant event in your personal life to your family, friends, and loved ones. Custom mini rock sweets are the perfect way to accomplish these tasks and even more. Because these candies are smaller than the traditional sized candy, they will not only attract a good amount of attention; but they will also have their recipients being completely satisfied.

The mini sweets are made from the same high quality ingredients that the traditional sweets are made from. The confectioners have at least three decades of experience hand crafting these delicious treats. Only the best ingredients are used in the production of this rock candy, which ensures that our customers will be receiving the highest quality product possible. Because our confectioners have so much skill and experience crafting these delicious little treats, we greatly stand out from the competition.

The rules and requirements for the mini sweets are very similar to those of the traditional candies, with a few differences. First, there is a minimum order quantity of ten thousand pieces. This is due to the smaller size of the sweets. However, you are really getting more product for your money because you get considerably more candies than what you actually pay for because of the low prices.

The candies are individually flow wrapped and come packaged in bags of 500. This makes it easy for the customer to determine how many pieces go to which individuals; and it makes it easy for the warehouse to ensure that the proper quantity is shipped to the customer.

No more than 18 capital letters can be placed on the face of the sweets, which is less than the traditional candies can hold. Up to two colours can be selected for the outer casing of the sweets. If desired, a white strip can be placed between the two colours for no extra cost. This differentiates the chosen colours and makes the candy seem more colourful and makes it stand out considerably more.

There are over 30 flavours that can be chosen for your candies. It is important to keep in mind that the flavours aren’t associated with colours, so you can pick out whatever flavour you like from our range of thirty flavours – From classics like mint and aniseed to more unusual tastes such as rhubarb and custard – We’re bound to have you covered.

Most colours and logos can be matched with extreme precision, and if not exactly then as close as possible to your original design. Before confirming your order we will provide you a sketched mockup of what the logo is going to come out like.

Our confectioners are experienced in dealing with short turn-around times and will not sacrifice quality. Our rock can be produced and dispatched to you in a very short amount of time, meaning even if your deadline is looming nearby we can endeavour to complete your order – Just let us know when you place your order and we’ll be in touch to confirm when we can get your order to you.

Our order of mini rock sweets arrived – I was so excited when I realised the boxes were them. The company colours came up really lovely, we are very happy with them.They are great, thank you so much, really love them and lots of the managers love the idea too.

Really appreciate your effort on them!

5 out of 5

Just a quick note to say a huge "thank you" for the speedy delivery and fantastic service from your company. Our order was only placed on 7th October and we received it yesterday. The mini rock sweets look great – and taste great too. We are having “Preview” Open days at our restaurant before “going live” next Thursday so the sweets have arrived in perfect time. We are delighted with the decor of our new place and the blue shades on the sweets match in perfectly!

Thanks again and please remember to send me details of your Christmas goodies.

5 out of 5