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Just Married Rock Sweets

When you are looking for a fun and unique way to announce an important event in your life, rock sweets are a fantastic and unique way to get the message out. These candies can be personalized to fit any event or announcement you may need to inform people of – But they can also be used as a cute way to show someone that you are thinking of him or her. With this unique way to let people know that you just celebrated one of the most important days of your life, no one will soon forget this wonderful memory. ‘Just Married’ rock sweets are the perfect way to announce to the world that you just made the commitment of a lifetime.

These candied rocks are made by hand and will be loved by anyone who sees them. Not only can they be personalized to fit your wedding day; and can be ordered in a wide variety of colours and designs. This ensures that each customer will be completely satisfied with his or her customized order. It is important to note that no two orders for these rock sweets will be exactly alike, which makes each order unique and one of a kind. The candy is made by the finest confectioners who specialize in rock candy and sweets. We guarantee that they will closely match the colours that you request and that there will be no mistakes made while producing these candies.

The Promotional Candy Company uses only the finest and best ingredients in our rock, which ensures that you will be receiving only the highest quality product. With generations of candy making experience, we are dedicated to making a superior product. Our company has a reputation for the highest quality products and an exceptional standard of work. What you see in our pictures is the real thing – we don’t digitally alter our pictures to make sub-par candies look superb – what you see is what you get. Because our product feature your designs, it is crucial that we produce a product that features only the highest standards of work.

We have both premade sweets to announce your marriage, or you can order your own custom design to add that extra something. We always have a range of ‘Wedding Day’ sweets in stock, with pink strawberry and cream flavoured sweets for a colourful, romantic touch or black and white, with a mixed fruit flavour for a more traditional looking sweet.

We also stock purple and lilac buttermint sweets, blue spearmint and brown chocolate mint – Giving you a great range of looks and flavours to choose from for smaller orders.

Alternatively you can always choose to order a fully custom selection. There is a minimum order quantity of four thousand pieces on custom orders, or the option to have your order cut into both bars and individual sweets. There are a wide variety of flavours as well as colours that are available.

These candies feature a six month shelf life, which greatly adds to the benefits of this type of wedding celebration and decoration. Since there is such a long shelf life, these candies can be kept for further celebrations down the line. There is no better way to remember your special day than by enjoying some of the food you had on that day.

If you are uncertain about which flavours you would like, we offer you the opportunity to send in your requests and we will send you samplers of a range of our flavours.