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I Love You Rock Sweets

Sweets are a wonderful way to impress someone and ‘I Love You’ rock sweets are particularly romantic. If you want to do something incredible for that special someone, these sweets will do the trick. Sold in jars of approximately 100 sweets, they’re an affordable and unique way to show your appreciation to the one you love.

If you are planning a romantic day with someone, it helps to have sweet gifts to make it extra special. Our ‘I Love You’ rock sweets are a fun way of letting them know you love them.

Custom Designs

If you’d prefer, you can opt to customise your candy – While it comes at a price, your lucky recipient will have no shortage of sweets to remind them just how much you care!

Coming up with a design for your candy may be the most challenging part of ordering the sweets! You want something that is romantic, but probably original, too – And there are a few directions you could go in:

If you have an inside joke or a way to say that you love that special someone you can use this to customize our sweets to have a custom image in the centre, as well as a custom message around the edges. This is a great place to put those pet names and references. Perhaps you’ll choose to go for a short, but sweet message to your loved one, something to really make them smile, or you might choose a picture – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words – so you may want to use an image instead of words, or combine the two.

When you are personalizing sweets, it pays to go all the way. Choose something meaningful for your image. A custom design or another romantic can be perfect.

Since these candies are durable and will last for up to six months, you can order them ahead of time and use them for any romantic occasion. Try leaving them in areas where your loved one will find them, or tuck them into his or her pocket for a special treat from time to time.

These special treats are a fun way to express your love and a tasty one, too. If you are looking for a unique way to let someone know how much you love them, this could be a great option. Plan ahead, since it can take some time to get the sweets made.

Our candy is high quality, with expert crafting that really makes the designs stand out. While many companies use these custom candies to give out their logo, there is no reason why other people can’t enjoy the perks as well.

This is possibly the sweetest way to let someone know how you feel about them. Order your sweets today with a custom message to get them in time for your next special event.