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Christmas Rock Sweets

Serve traditional Christmas rock sweets to add new and fun treats at the next home or business Christmas party. Traditional rock candy sweets offer tasty and colourful ways to add more festivity to the holiday. You can add your own personalised Christmas message to add a special touch. For an enjoyable Christmas party, serve traditional fare accompanied with rock candy treats for guests to take home. Planning a Christmas party takes time and creativity. Take advantage of introducing personalised candies to relatives and friends. Create a warm and inviting table decorated with bowls of rock candies.

Rock Sweets are Hits with Customers

Entrepreneurs who want to make a favourable impressions on customers need to think of innovative ways to make people remember their products and services. Whether a business owner wants to keep loyal customers or attract new clients, customers will remember rock sweet treats. Calling to mind fond childhood memories of eating rock candy in unusual shapes and colours, every customer will appreciate receiving a tin filled with rock candy as a party favour. Make the next Christmas party a hit with colleagues and clients by serving rock candies to invited guests.

Personalize Rock Candies with Telephone Numbers

Give every person a chance to remember the name of a business or organization by ordering jars, tins or packets filled with personalized rock candies. Business owners can order tins of candy featuring business names, logos, or unique messages. Logos are custom designed according to submitted artwork. An entrepreneur has the unique opportunity to design the perfect piece of candy that includes personal specifications. To personalize the rock candy gift, engrave a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday greeting and your company name on each piece of candy.

Bulk Prices that are Hard to Beat

With the economy causing everyone to stretch money further, bulk prices for rock candy tins and jars offer consumers attractive and affordable gift options. Minimum purchase requirements of 4,000 traditional rock sweets start at £285.00. Additionally, consumers can opt to receive 4,000 sugar-free rock sweets for £340.00. For £515.00, customers can buy 1,000 cellophane bags containing five personalised individually wrapped pieces of traditional rock candy in each bag. Another option is to purchase 1,000 cellophane bags containing 10 personalised individually wrapped pieces of traditional rock candy in each bag for a price of £625.00.

Three Generations of Rock Candy Experience

Three generations have learned the art of making custom made rock sweets for Christmas or any time of the year. Using the best available ingredients to produce rock sweets, each candy is made with love and respect. Personalised rock candies offer consumers new ways of wishing friends and family members Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday or messages straight from the heart. From start to finish, rock candy made in the traditional way produces a smile on each gift recipient’s face. Experience a tradition that still fits in with the modern world of technology. Buy rock candy treats today.