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Personalised Wedding Rock Sweets

At the Promotional Candy Company Ltd we are not able to help you with the flower arrangements or the seating plan, sadly, but we can make one thing much simpler – the wedding favours themselves. Whether you want our premade designs for a small treat, or you want to go big with a fully customised order, we have plenty of options for you.

The uses for our rock candy are as endless as your ideas for the wedding, which means you can create exactly the type of look and feel you are aiming for. And with rock being so evocative of past holidays to the seaside and time spent in carefree endless summers, you can be sure that no matter how small the treat, its impact will be huge. So whatever else you might plan for the big day, choosing our wedding favour rock sweets will make the whole process that much more straightforward.

We can match the colours of your wedding, both in the lettering inside the rock and the outer candy shell, and print any design or motif or include up to twenty letters into the rock. Prepared by some of the finest confectioners in the industry, our treats are not just sweet but also long lasting — they have a shelf life of up to six months, so you can order them early and leave even more time for the rest of the planning.

Minimum quantities start as low as 4,000 for customised orders and the treats are available in sugar-free varieties too. As already mentioned, words and designs (including specialised motifs) can be incorporated into the rock sweets and, if you buy rock sticks as well, the paper label wrapped around the bar can also be customised with a photograph of the happy couple, together with date and place information. You could even personalise each one with your guests’ names for use as place settings or a more personalised thank you for attending.

Looking beyond the favours, other options for our candy include jars or tins full of rock sweets. Again, the jar or tin label can be customised to your overall design and the candies in the jar can be printed with up to twenty letters and an image of your choice.

From novelty name-tags, through personalised gifts for children and other important guests at the wedding to the wedding favours themselves; sweet, delicious rock treats will make your wedding one to remember for many years to come.

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