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Personalised Rock Sweets For Your Company

Here at Promotional Candy we strive to make the best personalised candy there is. Over the years we have made rock sweets for clientele such as BBC, BMW, British Airways, BP, QVC, the Royal Air Force and many many more. All our candy is hand made to the highest standard. There are no artwork or set up costs which means you have the opportunity to promote your business to thousands of people at a minimal cost.

We regularly make candy for restaurants, hotels, colleges, football clubs, hair and beauty salons, and financial organisations for use in their receptions and meeting rooms and for after dinner mints. Your candy can be ordered today and will stay fresh and enjoyable for up to 6 months.

There are 3 different products we make when it comes to our candy and they are rock sweets, rock bars and mini rock sweets, there are also many different ways your rock sweets can be packed and displayed. we can put your sweets into jars, tins and various different sized bags. if you choose to have your sweets packed in to small bags with small amounts of sweets in each bag such as 5, 10, 15 or 20, you can also have an adhesive label printed to be placed on the front of the clear bags to give your sweets some extra information about your company or event. The same can be done in your rock bars but instead of using an adhesive label, your information will be on the paper label that is inserted into the cellophane wrapper of each of your rock bars.

if you would like to purchase some rock candy but would like some more information on the packing choices please contact our offices by email or phone, you will find our contact details at the bottom of the home screen

We are proud of the candy we make, and we would be proud to be of service to you.