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How Do You Make Rock Candy

1)       Pre-prepare your jars

Wash your jars before you start preparing your rock candy so that you can pour the sugar into them straight away. This reduces the risk of your sugar beginning to crystallise in the pan!

2)       Pre-prepare your skewer

The day before you plan to make your rock candy simply wet your skewer and coat it completely in sugar so that it has time to dry onto the skewer before it is put in the jar with the liquid sugar.

3)       Use bag clips

Use bag clips across the top of the jars to stop the skewers from falling over when the liquid sugar is poured in.

4)       Resist the urge to stir

If you stir your mixture in the pan after the sugar has been added to the water you risk your rock candy crystallising in the pan. If your mixture begins to bubble too far up the sides of the pan simply brush the sides of the pan with water using a pastry brush.

5)       Add flavours

You can use hard candy flavouring so your rock candy doesn’t just taste of sugar. Experiment with the flavours too! You could try mixing different flavourings and colours to make your rock candy more exciting.

6)       Use a funnel

To stop your sugar mix from running down the sides of your jars use a plastic funnel to control the flow of the sugar into the jar.

7)       Don’t move the skewer

Once you have placed your skewer in the jar filled with the melted sugar mixture you shouldn’t move the skewer, as this may disrupt the crystals forming, tip number 3 will help prevent this happening.

8)       Cover your jar

To stop anything falling (or crawling!) into your rock candy and disrupting the crystallising process cover your jar with an unsealed plastic bag or a round of cardboard with a hole in the middle for the skewer to poke through.

9)       Be patient

The sugar crystals can take up to a week to form onto the skewer, so be patient and don’t try to remove the skewer before a week, as you won’t be able to put it back into your jar after it has been removed.

Re-try it

If at first your rock crystals don’t form on your skewer simply put the sugar mixture back into a pan and add a spoonful more of sugar, allow it to re-boil, then put it straight back in a jar with a fresh sugar covered skewer in the middle.