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How we began

How we began!

Promotional Candy Company was originally founded in 1993 by husband and wife Jason and Barbara Evans, but that’s not where our history began.

We have to go back just over six decades to when the first ever Miss World beauty pageant was held, Blackpool lost 2-0 in the final of the FA cup to Newcastle, and the late Robin Williams was born, Yes it’s 1951.

The Pleasure Beach is booming, the beach was crammed with tourists, tourists that wanted to buy Blackpool rock. two brothers Jack and Henry Stott decided that they would become business partners when they purchased a rock factory on Carshalton Road in Blackpool and named it Carshalton Confectionery

​Fast forward 3 decades when Top Gun was first hitting the big screens, Usain Bolt was born

and Roy Walker began presenting a new show called Catchphrase. That’s right it’s 1986.

Jack and Henry Stott have decided to call it a day and pass the business down to Jack’s daughter Alma-Jane Stott and his then son-in-law Peter Evans.

Peter and Alma employed their son Jason and Jason’s future wife Barbara Perkin, and in 1987 on the 21st of May Carshalton Confectionery broke the world record making the largest stick of rock weighing a whopping 673.5lb! Fast forward to the year The Simpsons showed their first episode, the world said goodbye to famous actress Bette Davis and actor Daniel Radcliffe was born. It’s 1989, Carshalton Confectionery was sold and Jason jetted off to Los Angeles to progress in the rock making industry.

Jason returned from America with plenty of experience and desire to bring what he learnt in Los Angeles to Blackpool.

We then come to the year Jason and Barbara got married, they founded Promotional Candy Company and they

welcomed their baby daughter Lisa to the world – of course it’s 1993.

Six years later Promotional Candy became a limited company and now, 18 years on, Promotional Candy are still making quality handmade rock sweets and rock bars for many happy customers!