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What Flavours Do You Have?

Take your pick from over 30 delicious flavours where we ask you to select one flavour per batch. If you have two favourite flavours and just can’t decide between them, why not ask us to blend them together? Mix chocolate ice-cream with cappuccino for a creamy twist. How about matching apple with cinnamon to remind you of a favourite dessert? Lemon and buttermint might sound strange but it will be a mouth watering flavour sensation.

With so many great flavours to choose from, it can be a hard decision. Our most popular traditional ‘rock’ flavour is peppermint. Have a think about what occasion the sweets will represent to help you decide. If you are ordering personalised wedding rock for your upcoming ‘big day’, you will want to consider the theme of your event. Choose from a range of pre-made designs or go for a fully customised order with names on the rock. The flavour doesn’t have to match the colour so if your bridesmaids are in pink and you want matching coloured sweets in a lime flavour, that’s fine by us.

Get your loved one a personalised bag of rock sweets in their favourite chocolate mint flavour. You could even write a personal message through the centre. Order a batch of our corporate rock sweets in a satisfying mocha flavour – no better way to end that business conference. If you just can’t decide which flavours to choose, let us surprise you and our team will mix up a batch that you can’t get enough of.