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How Many Letters Can You Fit On A Sweet?

A big appeal of our sweets is the ability to create a custom message or corporate branding. Generally, we can fit around twenty letters, although we can also fit as many as 30 in some situations. However, the exact number is difficult to give, as it varies depending on the characters used.
This is down to the sheer logistics of dealing with the space available. Some letters are naturally more wider than others. For example, a “W” letter takes up more horizontal space than an “I”, which must be kept in consideration when choosing your message.
Likewise, individual spaces between words also takes up space. Therefore, a message that has numerous words may find the space is more restrictive, as the spaces between each word needs to be included. Too short a space, and it will not be visibly clear where one word starts or ends. It might be possible to experiment with different colours to indicate different words, so please get in touch for some creative solutions.

In short, we can easily accommodate text with around 20 letters. Of course, a larger sweet will be able to fit more letters, so feel free to browse our pricing list to consider some of the larger sweet packages we have on offer.

When in doubt, please feel free to get in touch. Having worked on various wedding sweets and formal gifts, we have experience working around any problem.