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How long will my sweets last?

You may want to order your rock candy well before a special day, celebration or event, or to store as a memento. For example, you might choose personalised jars of wedding rock as favours and want to have them ready in advance of the rush to prepare for your wedding day. Rock candy, because of its low moisture content, will last for a long time in the right conditions without losing its quality or going bad. Both sticks and individually wrapped sweets of rock candy should be stored in a cool, dry environment, in a cupboard, pantry or larder. Excessive moisture and heat will be detrimental to the condition of the sweets, and will alter their texture, flavour and appearance after a while. For extra protection, you should store your individually-wrapped sticks or mini-candies in an air-tight container, such as a jar or zip-lock bag. Do not store your rock candy in the same container with soft sweets such as jellies – this will encourage the hard sweets to become moist and the soft sweets to dry out. If you are able to keep your candy in this way you can be sure that your individually wrapped candy will stay in perfect condition for up to six months.

At The Promotional Candy Company, we produce high quality, personalised rock candies for outstanding gifts, Wedding Favours and Corporate Events. We have developed our rock-candy making process over many years and only use the finest quality ingredients. Our expert confectioners make quality sweets that are designed to last.