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Does the flavour have to match the colour?

Not at all. The flavour and colour are two separate parts of the manufacturing process so that we can ensure what a candy looks and tastes like can more closely align with your brand values. For example, a company with blue in the branding may not want candy or rock to taste like blackcurrant or bubblegum. Blueberry, mint, watermelon, or something a bit different, such as mocha or butterscotch could fit more closely with the tastes of your customers, stakeholders and audience.

We know that customers want to ensure the taste of candy reflects marketing campaign aims and corporate brand guidelines, so we only use neutral flavoured food colouring. This way, the colour does not influence the flavour. We have over 50 flavours to choose from, including traditional flavours, like peppermint, to dozens of innovative modern choices, such as vanilla, caramel and cherry cola. You can also mix up to two or free flavours, creating a cocktail of taste in traditional English rock candy.

Whatever flavour and design you choose, we will only use the finest ingredients in our tried and tested recipe that has been developed over three generations.

Our promotional candy can be used for everything from weddings to corporate events, making the taste of the day even sweeter for guests. We can fit up to 30 letters, symbols or corporate logos onto the designs, depending on size. We will do our best to recreate any design in the candy. When it comes to flavour and colour, we love seeing clients surprise their audience with combinations they don’t expect, making any event even more memorable.