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Whether you are ready to order or just still thinking about it, we’re sure you have some questions, so here are a few of the most frequently asked ones.

Obviously, this will not cover every conceivable question, but we hope it helps. If you have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call or email.

How many letters can you fit into a sweet?

Generally about twenty, however we are capable of up to thirty in certain circumstances.

Can you match our corporate colours?

Yes, to degree we will match Pantone colours, but please remember we are using food colour and a perfect match is not always attainable.

How many colours can I have on my sweet?

We can create up to six colours on the sweet, multi-coloured letters or coloured backgrounds with white lettering.

Our logo looks a little complicated, can you still put it into a sweet?

We try most logos if we think that we can get a close representation of it, but some are not possible. We can usually come up with an alternative.

Does the flavour have to match the colour?

Not at all, flavours are neutral in colour, so you could have for example, red sweets with lime flavour.

How long will my sweets last?

Stored in a cool dry environment your sweets will stay fresh for up to six months.

How are they packed and how much space do they take up?

Unless otherwise requested, sweets are bulked packed into bags of approximately 500, then boxed, with five or six bags to a carton. One sweet weighs roughly 5 grams, with about 200 to a kilo.

Can I order less than 5000 sweets?

5000 is the minimum order for sweets but you can have some candy made into bars, for example 100x12cm bars and 2000 sweets.

What flavours do you have?

We have over 30 delicious flavours but sadly you can only have one flavour per batch. The most popular and the traditional ‘rock’ flavour is Peppermint, but we have a full list of flavours to choose from, please see the ‘Flavours’ page.