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Cinnamon Rock Candy

A healthier choice for your rock candy, natural cinnamon is high in fibre and provides a range of essential oils. It can suit many occasions and as it’s not too sweet, it appeals to many different age ranges and palates. From wedding favours to corporate promotions and Christmas gifts, we are proud of our cinnamon rock candy.

Why choose cinnamon rock candy?

Rock candy is a traditional favourite sweet, and can be shaped into bars and cut into individual candies. By choosing a message that appears through the middle you can combine a tasty treat with a novelty gift.

Cinnamon has long been used as a flavouring and as a remedy. This spice is said to give the benefits of the essential oils it contains. Our cinnamon rock candy is particularly popular in winter months because it has a gently warming taste.

How to make cinnamon rock candy

You can make your own cinnamon rock candy using sugar, water and corn syrup which you simmer on a medium heat until it reaches a minimum of 160°C or 300 °F – which is the hard candy stage (this normally takes about 20 minutes). Then add a high-quality cinnamon oil and any colouring you want. Let it set in a prepared, greased pan for four hours and breaking into bite-sized chunks. This home-made cinnamon rock candy is a normally given a festive red colour in America, where it is a traditional holiday treat.

Of course, for bulk orders, it might be better value to buy your festive candy. At the Promotional Candy Company, our cinnamon rock candy is made using the finest ingredients that are heated and then cooled and folded to produce tiny bubbles that make the rock mouth-wateringly light. Then the mixture is divided into strips of up to six colours that are used to create a hand-made design by our expert confectioners.

Promotional Rock Sweets and Personalised Rock

Cinnamon rock candy with a personalised message or design makes an ideal gift for Christmas or for other special occasions such as weddings. If you are looking for promotional candy for your business, we can create cinnamon rock with your business’s logo or name. You’ll find our confectioners have come up with dozens of clever designs for all types of occasion. Whatever you have in mind, our team will be pleased to discuss the options and prices with you.

Our traditional recipe captures the flavours you remember from childhood rock. The prices for our hand-made rock are surprisingly affordable, starting at £230 for 200 bars. You can choose small or large size bars (12cm x 2cm or 15cm x 3cm), including sugar-free rock, or opt for a mixture of bars and candies. The individually wrapped candies or mini-candies can be beautifully presented in packets, tins and jars. As well as our special cinnamon rock candy, the Promotional Candy Company has thirty mouth-watering traditional and unusual flavours for you to choose from.

There are plenty of options for buying rock online, but we are industry leaders in traditional rock candy. Not all cheap rock candy is the same, and we believe in using quality ingredients and craftsmanship for the finest tasting sweets.

To sample our cinnamon rock candy, give our friendly team a call today.

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