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Mothers Day Rock

People in the UK love to go all out on Mother’s Day, spending thousands of pounds on showing their nearest and dearest just how much they love them with cards, gifts and Mother’s Day treats in all shapes and guises.

The conventional cards, flowers, chocolates and meals out on Mother’s Day are tried and tested, but there are plenty of people out there looking for something a little different and unique to impress their mums on this momentous day. This is where our personalised Mother’s Day Rock can give your Mother’s Day gifts an extra edge over the more traditional present ideas.

With personalised Mother’s Day Rock you can give a heartfelt present that definitely isn’t like the bog-standard flowers or chocolates and it can have your very own personalised message. Whether you’re an individual customer looking for a special and unique gift for mum, or you’re a business looking to offer sweet treats and new options to customers on Mother’s Day, we can create bespoke Mother’s Day rock to suit your requirements.

We combine the latest confectionary technology and traditional rock making methods with our years of experience in the industry to create fantastic personalised rock products that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. They’re a great way to avoid something generic and really stand out from the crowd and offer a nostalgic, vintage feel that so many of us associate with our childhoods.
Give your gifts a new dimension

The other great news is that our personalised rock is incredibly affordable regardless of the volume you buy, has a shelf-life up to six months, as well as thirty different flavours to choose from. This allows you to plan ahead and make sure your lovely gift isn’t just there for a day.

With personalised Mother’s Day rock in 30 different flavours you aren’t just limited to giving sweets or bars of rock on their own, as they work brilliantly with other gifts too. Why not boost your mother’s day bundle of champagne and flowers with some added sweet treats that will last? Or team personalised Mother’s Day rock with some luxury beauty products? If you’re treating mum to a day out, you can also make sure she has a little keepsake for the special day, and plenty of sugary sustenance.

For corporate clients looking for something different to give your customers, our personalised Mother’s Day rock can work as fantastic promotional merchandise. Whether you hand it out to customers for free or offer it as part of your Mother’s Day gift selection, you will be guaranteed to impress your clients.

Of course, personalised rock isn’t just limited to Mother’s Day, as we also offer personalised Father’s Day Rock, Valentine’s Rock and other personalised rock bars that will make sure you have a truly special sweet treat for every occasion.

Give the special mothers in your life a real treat this Mother’s Day with personalised Mother’s Day rock – a present they will always remember.